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7th March 2015
  • Sit down to dinner in your country - and in Africa, someone will stand up and walk.

  • Enjoy a unique dining occasion with great food in the company of all your favourite people.

  • Your dinner could fund a whole new way of life.

  • Take the first step - start the BIG dinner journey.

***** UPDATE 13TH AUGUST 2015 *****

Thank you so much to everyone who has held a dinner for the BIG dinner and thank you for sending in your wonderful donations. We know you’ll be interested to know how much the BIG dinner raises. We are too! But it is too early to say. It will take a few weeks for all the money from all of the various dinners to come in, especially as many have not even taken place yet. We shall let you know as soon as possible but please look back here for updates in the meantime. So far we have banked £538,500. Thank you to everyone who helped us reach our target.

Apologies if you experience any problems viewing the private page on The Scotsman’s website which holds the two BIG dinner online broadcasts and for which you have been sent the link. The Scotsman is currently working on its new Food and Drink website and it seems to be going down from time to time. Please do return to the page again, clear your browser cache and refresh your screen and you should find it has been restored. Alternatively, although you cannot download the broadcasts from these links, you can view them here:

Programme One: http://youtu.be/_eHC0KtrnSU    Programme Two: http://bit.ly/1GTdu7c

On 7th March 2015, 500 miles is holding the BIG dinner – a major fundraising event which aims to raise over £500,000 in a single night. The event consists of hundreds of separate dinners eaten all over the world, some of which will be showcased in a special web-stream broadcast hosted by Fred MacAulay, who will be attending a celebrity dinner himself.

Every dinner will bring new life and hope to someone in Africa who needs an artificial limb or limb support, to help them achieve mobility or full body function. All you have to do is host a dinner – or make sure you get invited to one. If you can’t cook or don’t want to, you can always host a carry out get together!

Busy on the 7th March? Don't worry, you can hold it another time.

We all need to eat, we all want to walk, so please join in!

500 miles is a charity run by Olivia Giles, a quadruple amputee since 2002 as a result of meningitis. The organisation supports amputees and others with mobility difficulties, principally in Malawi and Zambia.

Where will you stage your dinner? What will you serve?
The choice is yours!

641  dinners registered and counting

Take your first steps - so someone in Africa can take theirs…

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