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7th March 2015

Join in!


Dinner hosts pay a single advance minimum donation of £25 to register, no matter the size of their dinner.

This valuable contribution to the work of 500 miles goes straight into our projects and is immediately working to help our patients; it also entitles you to watch the online broadcasts with your guests on the night. Making your minimum donation of £25 to register as a host on the BIG dinner means that you will be sent a link to the online broadcasts.


BIG Dinner photo

Hosts then ask their guests to make a donation.

A donation to 500 miles is worth much more than wine, chocolates, or other thank-yous! Any amount is fine but you could maybe think about how much your friends would usually spend if they went out for a nice meal. Estimate the likely guest contributions and pledge them to 500 miles. See below for what to do after the event.


BIG Dinner photo
BIG Dinner photo
BIG Dinner photo

Once you're signed up, your imagination can take over.

Where will you stage your dinner? It can be anywhere - in the dining room at home, al fresco in the garden, in a field or up a mountain - some of our hosts will be thinking BIG! What will you serve? It could be elegant, formal food; pie and peas with brown ale; a pizza/pasta platter, a pudding club, an Asian curry feast - the choice is yours! It's also up to you to decide the date and time of your dinner. The two half-hour online broadcasts will be shown at 7.30pm and 10.30pm on 7th March.

You can plan your dinner to coincide with the online broadcasts - or whatever date or time best suits you. If 7th March doesn't fit your diary, you can hold your BIG dinner before or after. As long as you have paid £25 to register, you can watch the online broadcasts from 7th March - when convenient. You also decide on the number of guests, and whether you want a theme or a dress code or not! You might like to use our leaflet, poster, style invitation or style menu.

Finally… eat!

Remember - if you can't work the BIG dinner into your schedule, you can always make a straight £25 donation to 500 miles, and catch up on the online broadcasts when you can.

Take the first step - start the big dinner journey.

After the event

After your dinner, please send in the money you make on the night/want to donate by any of these methods:

  • On our Just Giving page for the BIG dinner at http://www.justgiving.com/theBIGdinner
  • By cheque payable to "500 miles" posted to Box 500, 44-46 Morningside Road, Edinburgh EH10 4BF
  • By PayPal on the 500 miles website
  • By card by calling 07967 715 690 and leaving a message. Someone will call you back to take a payment

If you make your follow up donation by Just Giving, you will have the option of making a Gift Aid declaration online as part of the process.

If you make your follow up donation by cheque, by PayPal or by card, you will need to send us a completed Gift Aid form by post to Box 500, 44-46 Morningside Road, Edinburgh EH10 4BF. You can download a Gift Aid form here